CITY OF PALMDALE REPORT to the Mayor and Members of the City Council from the City Manager DATE: June 3, 2015 SUBJECT: Approval of Fireworks Booths for 2015 ISSUING DEPARTMENT: Department of Development Services, Planning Division SUMMARY Issue: Should the City Council approve fireworks booth permits for the non-profit © 2008-2020 FacilitiesMap, a division of Websoft Developers, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Most cities in L.A. County say that even "safe-and-sane" fireworks can be dangerous. It was higher than in 65.4% U.S. cities. City of Palmdale No Fireworks Zone ( 2017) * Firewort< Booth Location D City of Palmdale (Safe and Sane fireworks permitted in this area ) r:;::-J City of Palmdale No Fireworks Zone ~ (No fireworl

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